Spotify now allows podcasts to be shared from specific time points

Spotify, the popular Internet audio streaming platform, has been in the process of improving for a few months, trying to make it easier for users to discover and play their favorite music tracks and podcasts.

Following this trend, now Spotify wants users to also have it easy when it comes to sharing their favorite content with their contacts through social networks, arriving with a series of news that everyone can enjoy, globally, both on Android as in iOS.

Spotify even more functional in every way

First, Spotify ago now that users can share their podcasts favorites from specific time points. Until now, the only possibility that users had to share podcasts on their social networks was to share entire episodes.

With the novelty introduced now, contacts will only have to click on the shared link to go to the specific shared part of the podcast, online similar to what SoundCloud has been allowing for years with uploaded audio tracks.

The process for sharing podcast specific time points is as follows: users will need to press the “share” button while listening to an episode of their favorite podcast. Later they should use the “switch to share” function at the current playback point and select the social network where they want to share.

For now, this novelty will only apply to podcasts and not to musical themes, we do not know if they will offer this possibility in the future.

Second we have to Canvas, the Spotify feature that, as a modern cover in the streaming age, generates a preview in the form of a short video (basically an excerpt from a music video) when sharing the corresponding song in a Instagram story, now it will also support Snapchat Stories (It seems that Snapchat is gaining relevance again in the social media segment).

And finally, the interface of the selection sheet of the share menu is simplified, now having the options organized in the form of a dynamic grid, which will offer the options depending on the applications they have installed.

Also, if you choose to share music themes in the form of Stories for Instagram or Snapchat, users will also have a preview of the Canvas. It is already a matter of users updating the application to the latest version of the Spotify app to be able to enjoy all these news.

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