Tile partners with Amazon to compete with Apple’s AirTag

Aware of the AirTag’s strike force thanks to Apple’s Locate Network, Tile is partnering with Amazon to take advantage of its Sidewalk network.

As with each launch of a new product at Apple, theAirTag has made a lot of talk about him. However, this type of product has existed for a long time with the competition, embodied in particular by the American Tile, leader in the bluetooth LE beacon sector. In an interview, the boss of the brand explained that he doesn’t see very well this launch, and feels at a disadvantage vis-à-vis the AirTag.

However, Tile does not intend to sit idly by while Apple gradually nibbles its market share. The American localization beacon expert has just forged a major partnership with another GAFAM, Amazon, with Apple’s AirTag in the viewfinder.

The Sidewalk network to compete with Apple’s Finder

If the AirTag benefits from the network Locate Apple, which uses more than a billion brand devices in circulation around the world, Tile relies on its unique user base, necessarily much smaller. The partnership between Tile and Amazon therefore aims to compensate for this defect vis-à-vis Apple’s product.

As of June 14, Tile will be able to count on Sidewalk, a network of connected objects set up by Amazon. This one, currently taken advantage of by the cameras Ring of the company founded by Jeff Bezos, relies on Bluetooth LE and cellular connection to connect objects to each other when they do not have access to a WiFi network.

Sidewalk will allow Tile to dramatically extend the coverage of its own locate network to make it easier for owners of branded beacons to find them. Thanks to this partnership between the two firms, the Tile beacons will also acquire new functions, such as the possibility of making them ring by calling on Alexa, for example.

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