A larger camera hump is expected for the iPhone 13 series

Housings may be slightly thicker, and camera islands will grow with the next generation, and MacRumors is already illustrating the difference.


As has become the norm over the years, the new generation of iPhones is expected this September as well, which will likely be marked as the 13-series. It is relatively early for the credible rumors to leak, but a lot of information has already been received about the now-expected series, the Mini CAD renderek also showed up a few weeks ago, but the development of the cameras already it has been heard since last November.


Now you can hear about the thickness of the devices: both the iPhone 13 and the Pro line are expected to gain 7.55 millimeters thick, of course this gain is unlikely to be significant, compared to 7.4 millimeters in the uniform of the 12 family, it is 0.15 millimeters, hence marginal growth. Of course, it will be enough that the model update, which presumably does not involve a design change, will prevent interoperability in the case of cases and other passive accessories.


In any case, MacRumors shows you with simple scaling exactly what change to expect, and you can see in the pictures what will happen if the smooth 13 camera hump is 29 x 29 millimeters compared to its predecessor 28 x 30 millimeters, and what happens to the Pro line, where we can jump from 29 x 29 millimeters to 36 x 37 millimeters. In exchange for a larger camera hump, sensor-level stabilization is also available for ultra-wide cameras.

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