Chromecast with Google TV will now have improved support for Spanish

There is no doubt that the Chromecast with Google TV is a device that can be used a lot, and that with each update they launch, new possibilities arrive. In this sense, from Google now they have wanted to equate the experience of Spanish-speaking users with that currently received by English-speaking users.

To do this, they are beginning to roll out a new software update that integrates better support for the Spanish language, especially for users in the United States, also bringing two new tabs that allow users to “discover movies and television shows” that may interest them, as defined by the company itself.

It will also offer more relevant results and recommendations in Spanish

With this update, the improved support for Spanish increases the number of available tabs by two to a total of seven tabs: Search, For You, Live, Movies, Programs, Apps and Library.

And with the above, from Google they have also worked for bring more relevant results to searches made by users in this language.

Taking into account that Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​worldwide, it is not surprising that Google wants to make improvements focused on Spanish-speaking users, also considering that Chromecasts with Google TV are from electronic devices that are most often recommended, even on social networks and platforms.

And it is that this device is mainly focused on those who want to add “smart” capabilities to their conventional televisions, or even extend the useful life of their current smart televisions that have already stopped receiving support from the respective brands, or that no longer have with enough power to execute a series of more current possibilities, such as the visualization of the interactive movies of Netflix, for example.

It will already be a question that throughout these days, the owners will receive the corresponding update through Google Play, to obtain an improved experience from the hand of Google TV, seeking that the entertainment experience becomes satisfactory enough.

As they comment on 9to5Google, it remains to be known whether it is a complete update of the entire system or simply a simple update of the application, although this will not be of importance for users, who only want better features no matter how Google makes them arrive.

In any case, it is interesting that Google continues to provide sufficient support for this device over time.

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