Cybersecurity: the French are more vulnerable on vacation

French holidaymakers aren’t particularly good at ensuring their cybersecurity while traveling, according to a new study by MacAfee.

After more than a year locked in our living room, summer is coming soon, and with it the promise of being able to go on vacation again. While vaccination is intensifying all over the world, and particularly in France, the prospect of traveling again is attractive to say the least. However, it is on the move that the risks of online data hacking and theft are the highest. According to a study by cybersecurity expert MacAfee, 51% of French people connect to public networks while on the move, even though 64% are aware that they are more vulnerable.

While we are more and more alert to cyberthreats in our home or at our workplace, vacations are therefore essential as the great forgotten ones in terms of vigilance. Thus, reports the study, less than half of respondents verify that a public network is secure before connecting to it. Whether it is hotel WiFi, airport WiFi, or even a connection point with friends, it is however necessary to respect a few rules, starting with check the reliability of the network, and avoid exchanging sensitive data, such as banking data (via an online purchase for example) or personal information. Also be careful to ensure that all of your software is correctly updated, and that they benefit from the latest security patches. Another precaution to be taken is the activation of two-factor authentication, which makes it possible to avoid the worst in the event of theft, for example, or the use of a VPN which allows you to hide your IP. So many preventive actions that will obviously not prevent you from remaining vigilant, even on vacation.

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