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There are many models of robot vacuum cleaners. These have their own functionalities while other functions are quite similar. The only thing that really differs from one robot vacuum to another is the price. Many people are looking for a top-of-the-range model – because it performs better. That’s good because the Ultenic T10 is on sale on Amazon priced at € 498.99 instead of 598.99 € thanks to the coupon on the sales page (-50 €) and the promo code UltenicT10 (- 50 €).

Take advantage of the offer at Amazon

A docking station and a robot vacuum that works in harmony

Although this is not always the case, the Ultenic T10 comes with a docking station to collect dust, hair as well as animal hair from the tank. Ultenic’s robot vacuum cleaner will automatically recharge itself at the base as soon as it runs out of batteries to finish its cleaning cycle.

A laser sensor that even analyzes your floors

While some robot vacuums will only map the ground floor, the Ultenic T10 will be able to scan and save the floors in your home – saving you time. Other sensors will also analyze the type of soil on which the Ultenic T10 is located. It can increase the suction intensity up to 3000 Pa so as not to leave any dirt in the fibers of the carpet. Besides, animal hair and hair will also be sucked. Ultenic T10 leaves no respite from dirt and bacteria.

The Ultenic T10 is capable of recording multiple floors of a house.
The Ultenic T10 is capable of recording multiple floors of a house. © Ultenic

A HEPA filter that improves air quality

Even though the robot vacuum will remain on the floor, the sucked air will pass through various filters to capture all the dirt – really all of it. The HEPA filter will filter very fine dirt in order to purify the air that it projects after suction. The vacuum function is accompanied by a mop to always have a clean floor. The system will automatically dose the quantity of water delivered to the mop according to the suction intensity.

Everything can be controlled using the dedicated Ultenic T10 application. The latter is available for free on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Once the application is installed, you will be able to schedule the hours as well as the days for cleaning. It will be possible to prohibit up to ten areas of your house, everything can be done from the application.

On the battery level, the Ultenic T10 has an autonomy of 280 minutes (4:40) and will be able to clean areas of 250 square meters without any difficulties. In short, a robot vacuum that has it all, especially since it is on sale on Amazon priced at € 498.99 instead of € 598.99 using code UltenicT10 (- € 50) and the coupon available on the sales page (- € 50).

Take advantage of the offer at Amazon

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