Feather, the holiday notebook for budding authors

Available for pre-order on the crowdfunding platform Ulule, this new kind of vacation notebook offers young writers in the making to build their own stories through writing.

Far from the traditional boring holiday notebooks whose first three pages were laboriously filled before leaving it in a drawer, Plume reinvents the genre, by offering the youngest the chance to dream of being writers. Designed for children between 7 and 13 years old, this holiday set is available in several thematic activities with the aim of “Develop a taste for writing”. It includes a deck of cards to learn the history of writing, a logbook, sticker sheets, printing credit for editing your own book, as well as access to a story frame. to be co-written online.

40 stories available

Through seven chapters, the child will be able to become the author of his own story, and advance the story of one of the 40 adventures available online, according to their age and interests. Note that each written text will be individually corrected to help it progress. Once the writing is completed, aspiring writers will receive a printed copy of their work directly by post.

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Available since today in presale on the crowdfunding platform Ulule, Plume will be available from June 12 in participating stores. Each box will be offered at a price of 24.90 €, and will be available depending on the time of year, with a copy on the theme of the holidays, one on the start of the school year and one on Christmas. Inspired by the Montessori pedagogy, Plume also supports individuals and education professionals all year round in fun and educational writing exercises. What motivate the youngest to resume the path of learning despite the health situation.

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