Google unveils the Entertainment Space for Android tablets

All your entertainment gathered in one place, for better organization and personalization of your entertainment.

If you own an Android tablet, Google just introduced a feature you might be interested in. In one blog post, Google presented its Entertainment Space portal, or Espace de Div Entertainment in French. As the name suggests, this is a portal that allows you to access everything related to entertainment. From this same place, you will be able to access your already downloaded applications as well as content recommendations from other entertainment-related applications. From this space, you can see all of your applications dedicated to video streaming, music, mobile games or reading.

Three universes in one place

The portal is organized into three tabs, namely Watch, Games and Read. In the Watch tab you will be redirected to content relating to video streaming applications such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu or even Youtube. From the Games tab, you have access to the games available through Google Play Games. Some of these games are instantly playable, so you don’t need to download them. Finally, the Read tab gives you access to all the books in Google Play Books.

Knowing that the tablet is a device particularly conducive to entertainment, this step on the part of Google makes sense. To access the Entertainment Space, simply go to the space on the left of the tablet’s home screen, where the tab dedicated to news on Android phones is located. When it comes to personalization, you can choose whether or not to display certain apps in this dedicated entertainment hub. In addition, it is possible to create several profiles in order to personalize the experience of each one and to adapt the contents. This is particularly relevant when the tablet in question is used by several members of the same family.

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