INCIBE expands its cybersecurity consultation service to WhatsApp and Telegram

The National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) expands its consultation service to the messaging platforms WhatsApp and Telegram with the launch of their respective channels with which interested parties can try to resolve their doubts regarding cybersecurity.

This is the WhatsApp number 900 116 117, which can be added to the mobile phone book, and to the Telegram alias @INCIBE017, which can be searched in the application, being necessary that the interested parties are users of these platforms to carry out the queries in each of them.

Facilitating the service to citizens and companies

These two new channels are in addition to the other two previously existing channels, the web form and the free phone number 017, through which the INCIBE has responded to date to a total of 47,503 inquiries since its launch in February 2020. , carrying out 39,206 inquiries over the phone, and 8,297 through the web form.

The two new routes also have a Hours of operation that go from nine in the morning to nine at night 365 days a year.

The organization highlights that its arrival on the messaging platforms it will allow closer contact with citizens, and greater accessibility benefits for people who may have some difficulty in communication, such as people with hearing problems.

Of the two new contact channels, WhatsApp and Telegram, they stand out that they offer similar functionalities and use encrypted communications to protect the privacy and security of the users who use them.

INCIBE points out that the professionals who form the service they will offer adequate answers to each case, and that the entire service is offered confidentially and free of charge, focused on citizens in general, but also on minors and their environment, and on companies and professionals who wish to protect the digital assets of their businesses.

Seeking to spread the service more widely, the organization also has videos on YouTube and a dissemination kit that allows it to become known to more citizens and companies.

At a time where fraud, attacks, data leaks, and other problems derived from the cybersecurity, with the arrival of messaging platforms, INCIBE will be able to better serve those citizens and companies that may be involved in some cybersecurity problems, whatever their nature, or simply want to anticipate possible problems to take preventive measures.

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