Lawyers criticized “Instagram for children” initiative, while Facebook continues with the project

The controversy that was sparked by its initial announcement is far from over. “Instagram Kids” or “Instagram for children”, as it has been informally called, added a new public display of rejection.

In an open letter, signed by 44 attorneys, the National Association of Attorneys General of the United States asked Facebook to dismiss its project focused on children under 13 years of age.

An open letter from lawyers, in protest against the initiative of Instagram for children

The signatories of the letter are 44 US attorneys general who work at the state level. Out of a wide diversity of integrated states, representatives from other territories dominated by the same country, such as Guam, Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands, also joined.

Recapitulating the baseline history of this case, in March The guidelines under which this project was framed were released (unofficially in principle), which aimed to extrapolate the experience of Instagram in an environment adapted for those potential users who do not meet the age requirement to register on the platform.

In the letter, the signing attorneys harshly summoned the social media and internet giant, criticizing the real background and impact of the project. “It seems that Facebook is not responding to a need, but creating one, since this platform mainly attracts children who otherwise do not have or would not have an Instagram account”they commented. “Attorneys General Urge Facebook to Drop Its Plans to Launch This New Platform”they pointed out emphatically in the letter as well.

In the United States, where Facebook’s base of operations and its entire ecosystem of applications and services are located, this announcement has unleashed a whole debate about the freedoms and responsibilities that must be weighed against these cases.

Previously, in a similar instance, childhood experts and consumer groups from the North American country, collectively issued a similar summons, through the same mechanism.

In that country, the digital activity of minors is subject to strict legal regulations, which focus on protecting their privacy online. If this project comes to fruition, it would eventually come under sharp legal oversight.

Through comments collected by The Verge, Facebook commented that it would not commercialize commercial spaces in this Instagram project for children, on which they have no plans to back down.

“We just started exploring a version of Instagram for kids”said Andy Stone, Facebook’s policy representative. “We agree that any experience we develop should put your safety and privacy first, and we will consult with experts in child development, child safety and mental health, and privacy advocates to inform them. We also look forward to working with legislators and regulators, including the nation’s attorneys general. In addition, today we promise not to show ads in any Instagram experience that we develop for people under 13 years of age »added.

Both the paper presented in this article, like the previous initiative presented by the other groups, are not part of any legal process. For this reason, its influence mainly transcends public opinion and seeks to influence, in one way or another, the recipient referred to.

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