Microsoft Teams Officially Releases New Webinar Feature

Microsoft just announced that throughout this week the new features of webinars and PowerPoint Live will be officially arriving to its collaborative Microsoft Teams platform, allowing organizations prepare interactive meetings internally, or even with external participation, without the need to go to external tools.

By the end of this month of May will come the integration of the Presenter Mode to PowerPoint Live, which will allow new capabilities to bring professional-level presentations.

From Microsoft, they understand the situation of customers with regard to the use of a number of tools to perform similar tasks in their jobs, for which the company continues to work continuously to simplify this situation.

Webinars, now generally available

Regarding the new webinar feature, Microsoft notes that it can accommodate up to 1,000 attendees, although it can be scaled up to 10,000 attendees in transmission mode in reading mode.

Exceptionally, until the end of the year, a maximum of 20,000 attendees will be admitted. In a first report it was pointed out that this exception would last until June, although the company has now wanted to extend it until the end of the year.

The webinars come loaded with resources, including custom registration pages and emails for attendees, rich presentation options, as well as controls for hosts, such as the possibility of disabling the chat and video of the attendees (perhaps to bring an equivalent experience to Clubhouse?).

There is also the ability to, once a webinar has been held, data and reports of participation and follow-up of attendees are available. At this point, the company notes that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing customers will also be able to export the data from Teams “to automatically create customer journeys and campaigns for ongoing parenting flows.”

For professional-level presentations

With the advent of PowerPoint Live, Speakers will be able to view the following slides, notes, meeting chat, and audience in a single image during the presentation. The idea is that they can be more confident and be able to go at their own pace during the presentations.

The Presenter Mode will in turn allow customize the way you bring content and broadcasts to attendees, being able to choose between the three possible modes: Featured Mode, Reporter Mode and Side by Side Mode.

Perhaps everything discussed so far may sound familiar, since all the news that are now beginning to arrive were presented at this year’s Spring Ignite event, such as we told you at the time, being until now in the testing phase.

These new features are included at no additional cost in most Office and Microsoft 365 plans.

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