The next PSVR should have “eye tracking” technology

If Sony has not yet confirmed anything, the new generation PSVR is clarified a little more in terms of technologies and functionalities.

It’s been a few weeks since Sony announced the development of a new PSVR headset latest generation, to match with the PlayStation 5 and its new accessories. According to the latest rumors, relayed by UploadVR, it seems that the next headset from Sony should be equipped with several interesting technologies. If we already knew that controllers will use the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of the DualSense, the headphones should use theeye tracking, a resolution in 4K as well as haptic feedback.

UploadVR specified that each eye would have a resolution of 2000x2040p, therefore proposing a resolution of 4000x2040p by combining the two eyes. While this is already a marked improvement over the current PSVR, which has a resolution of 960x1080p per eye, it is also a plus over the competition. Indeed, theOculus Quest 2 from Facebook has a resolution of 1832x1920p, which is slightly below what Sony should offer.

Regarding the eye tracking technology, this would be a real advantage that would stand out Sony of its competitors. This technology could both be used to create more realistic avatars, which react faithfully to your movements, and to optimize the resolution of the image in the helmet as much as possible. Indeed, this one could adapt the resolution of the image according to the place where you look, thus blurring your peripheral vision. Additionally, the helmet should use tracking technology with cameras mounted directly on the helmet, so it can locate you in the room.

Not all of these features have been confirmed by Sony yet, but they could be a game-changer on some points. However, it should be remembered that unlike the Quest 2, the next PSVR will need to be connected with a cable to the PS5, which we can imagine to be a USB-C cable since the console has precisely one of these ports.

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