The Xiaomi is made with a high-end TWS earpiece

FlipBuds Pro can compete against AirPods Pro and will be unveiled on Thursday.


While the mobile market came to a halt last year as a result of global events in order to lure shoppers with renewed vigor this year, their wearable gadgets ran better than ever in 2020 and could even bid for that in 2021. hearables he stepped forward, which includes in-ear, cordless babies armed with some clever functionality, and far from the momentum.

A FlipBuds Prót már fényképen mutogatja a Xiaomi
The FlipBuds Pro is already shown in a photo by Xiaomi

A good few contestants have been nominated so far in the genre of Xiaomi, just think of the variety Mi True Wireless models or very affordable Mi AirDots Basicre. On Thursday, however, the focus may be on the other extreme: the brand may fight the more serious TWS, i.e. completely wireless earbuds. FlipBuds Proval.

The charging case can also be admired
The charging case can also be admired

The earpiece and charger case can also be admired on Xiaomi’s official posters, but the specifications have to wait two more days. In any case, the brand a FreeBuds Pro and that AirPods Pro The weibós site promises a high-end audio experience with advanced noise filtering, which will of course be accompanied by a price tag that goes beyond the usual Mi-ears. How many numbers will be written on it will be revealed on Thursday.

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