This OnePlus app syncs the clipboard between Android phones and computers

OnePlus launched an application that can become one of your favorites, since it allows you to synchronize the clipboard between your mobile and your computer with a few simple clicks.

This new app, called Clipt, makes it easy for us to bring content from the mobile to the computer, or vice versa, by synchronizing the clipboard. Yes, you can send almost any content you want … images, text, files, links, etc.

And no, you don’t need a mobile OnePlus to enjoy this dynamic, as it has support for most Android devices.

So you can have a clipboard shared between your mobile and your computer

The dynamics proposed by this OnePlus app is simple, although you must go through an initial configuration on both devices. So you will have to install the clipt extension for Google Chrome and the app from Google Play for your mobile.

Once you install Clipt on both computers, all you have to do is log in with your Google account, as it will use your Drive account for the entire process. When you finish this initial configuration, you will have this clipboard system ready to use at any time.

So everything you copy to your Android mobile can be used on your computer, and vice versa, thanks to this shared clipboard. Of course, there is a small option that allows you to filter what we want to be sent to the clipboard, and what we want to only be kept on the current device.

To do this, the app will ask you to press “Send” from the notification when you want to share it on the clipboard. And following this dynamic, you can link multiple devices to Clipt. A highlight of the app is that it keeps all the clipboard items in an orderly manner, so you won’t have to waste time trying to find an item or file.

In addition to offering a simple and practical dynamic, Clipt is free and does not display advertising. So you can use it without problems and without having to deal with ads.

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