Warzone: the champions of the COD league in the spotlight in Verdansk

This is a first for the battle royale, which rewards professional players in an original way to say the least.

As you know, Warzone and its Verdansk map have seen a lot of changes in recent weeks, especially with the explosive end of season event. However, the more observant will be able to notice a change on the map of the game, a little more subtle than a nuclear explosion or an invasion of zombies within the next few hours. This change is on the stadium which should feature the faces of some professional players Call of Duty. These are actually the champions of the 2020 season, the Dallas Empire team, who were hung on the stadium in order to honor them as they should be. In front of the stadium will also be a giant version of the Call of Duty League Trophy as an ornamental statue.

This type of approach allows both to pay tribute to the players, but also to promote theE-Sports within a game rather general public whereas the discipline takes more and more magnitude. In addition, the method used is similar to traditional sports, such as football, where players and team flags are often displayed in the same way. It is less conventional compared to what is done in the middle, like offering a skin with the effigy of the players as it can be done in games like League of Legends or Overwatch.

The celebration of the Call of Duty League players can be observed starting today, Monday, May 10. In parallel, Call of Duty Warzone also celebrates its 100 million players. This is an impressive milestone for the battle royale which is just over a year old. It is therefore also very relevant for Activision to offer a celebration of its professional league in a game that brings together as many passionate players in order to reach as many people as possible.

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