Why did Aukey suddenly disappear from Amazon?

The many products of the props are missing on Amazon, after an attempt to manipulate his notes on the platform.

If you’ve been browsing the aisles of Amazon lately and haven’t come across a single Aukey product in your way, that’s okay. The props has in fact been completely banned from the virtual shelves of the e-commerce platform. You can only find a few Aukey products here and there sold by third-party sellers, but the situation has nothing to do with the substantial offerings of yesteryear. Why the brand so suddenly disappeared fromAmazon ?

Aukey allegedly manipulated notes on Amazon

Aukey had been in Amazon’s sights for quite a while, not least because of the suspicious number of good ratings on its products. Precisely, a data leak made it possible to reveal the pot aux roses. The site Safety Detectives was thus able to get hold of a database bringing together a large number of exchanges between Aukey and customers. In these exchanges, the props maker sent a list of his products for sale on Amazon to previously selected customers, and offered them a refund of the product in exchange for a positive review on Amazon.

In order to operate without alerting Amazon, Aukey asked its customers to wait 5-7 days before posting their review and refunds were made through PayPal. In order not to worry these customers, the propsman described this tactic as a “Exclusive trial program”, to ensure that none of them testify to Amazon. XDA Developers got their hands on screenshots of the type of message Aukey sent to these customers, which you can see below.

In addition, Aukey may well be widely present in the documents revealed by the investigation of Safety Detectives, he was not the only one to operate in this way. We also find Mpow, although it is less known to the general public. Competing props, such as Belkin or Anker, are however still present on Amazon.

Amazon half-confirms

While Amazon did not mention the names of the brands targeted or explain why the platform decided to ban them, the firm still confirms that this has to do with its policy on fake reviews: “We have a long-standing policy to protect the integrity of our online store, including product authenticity, genuine reviews and products that meet our customers’ expectations. We take prompt action against those who violate them, including the suspension or removal of privileges relating to the sale ” explains the e-commerce giant in a press release relayed by ReviewGeek.

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