Alexa Skill Presentation – The interactive soccer prediction game

All football fans watch out! The soccer prediction game is a quiz skill for Amazon’s Alexa that was released last week. The soccer quiz was developed by “Voiceagenten”, an agency that is already known for its music quiz. Choose your favorite club from the 1st Bundesliga and then type in the current games of the club week by week.

Alexa Skill – The soccer prediction game

After an opponent has been found (usually only takes a few seconds), you can start. The players now have to prove how good their football expertise is. Alexa introduces who your favorite club will play next and then your own tip (the end result) can be spoken. Alexa then confirms the voice input and shows you what the opponent typed. Now it’s time to wait and keep your fingers crossed. After the game has taken place, the player can revisit the application and then find out who won the duel. Cool addition: every time the application is closed, Alexa has a battle cry tailored to the club ready. In my case it was a “Heja BVB” when we said goodbye. That is fun!

Certainly not a skill that you use every day, but you can certainly call it up on game day to give your tips and compete with others. There is also the option of having Alexa remind you for the next tip so that you don’t miss it.

You can easily try out the skill with the sentence: “Alexa, open betting game” or “Alexa, start betting game”. The developers now want to get some initial feedback so that they can use the summer break for any adjustments. At the start of the coming season, they would like to start making adjustments based on the feedback.

Are you also a soccer fan? How do you like the idea and the implementation of the Alexa Skill Football Prediction Game? Would you like to change something? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to pass your feedback on to the voice agents!

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