Allons, to insert videos or audios into documents or websites

Content in audiovisual format always enriches the experience of those who browse the web. If this material is also presented as an accessory to a publication made through another medium, it can become a very good complement.

Allons, a free pop-up app, offers a practical solution to easily implement this model.

Supporting audios and videos for documents or websites

Allons’ goal is to provide a quick solution for embedding voice or video clips almost anywhere.

Welcome messages, step-by-step explanations or answers to common questions within some context, are part of the possibilities of using this tool that, strictly speaking, can be creatively used in almost any web context that benefits from its implementation.

Along with transmitting an environment of greater proximity to the audience of your content, Allons saves time for content creators, facilitating the management of recurring access information, which due to the nature of its content, does not always have a place on other platforms. such as YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, according to the editorial management that is provided to each account.

To make annotations on documents, simply upload them to the Allons platform, and then insert an audio or video clip on top of them. By default, the application only allows you to add an audio or text bubble. However, the possibility of contacting the administrator of the platform is open to obtain more space within the same document, which once finalized, can be shared through an embeddable module.

Its integration with the web follows a similar dynamic to that of many other services in the same category. After recording and saving the audiovisual material to be shared, an embed code is generated that can be integrated into the destination website. As in the previous case, the possibility of requesting an increase in quota from the platform administrator is open, in case you wish to record clips of a duration greater than the maximum allowed.

The service is free, although its storage quota is limited. While still in beta, the clips are reduced to a small quota of 10 seconds per issue. However, the files stored in the account can be managed and deleted, to free up space.

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