Android: you are probably affected by this flaw that allows you to spy on you

This serious security flaw affects nearly 40% of Android devices worldwide. However, if you are using a Samsung device, the fix is ​​already available.

Not long ago, the cybersecurity researchers at CheckPoint warned us of a serious security vulnerability specific to the modems of Qualcomm, integrated into its Snapdragon chips. This problem was particularly related to the interaction between the API of these modems and the debugging system, and a hacker sufficiently experienced can use it to gain deep access to the bowels of an affected smartphone, to have access to calls or SMS and thus spy on you without your knowledge.

The problem is, according to CheckPoint, this flaw is so widespread that it affects nearly 40% of Android devices in circulation around the world, which is a staggering number of smartphones. Fortunately, some manufacturers reacted on the fly, as is the case with Samsung.

“While a number of Samsung devices had already been patched as of January 2021, most Samsung devices that have applied the Android Security Patch Level of May 1, 2021 or later will be considered protected against this vulnerability.” explains the brand. This means that if you have not updated your brand’s smartphone since May 1, we cannot advise you too much to take a little tour of your settings to install it as soon as possible.

What about smartphones from other brands?

If Samsung has communicated on the resolution of the problem, this is not (yet) the case with other very popular brands like Xiaomi, Oppo or even Google. This is also the reason why the CheckPoint researchers do not explain in detail how to take advantage of this flaw, which still concerns a large fleet of Android devices.

Qualcomm has confirmed the existence of this flaw with Threatpost and specifies that several manufacturers have already made their corrective patches available. However, the founder does not give a name. “We don’t know who patched or not. In our experience, implementing these fixes takes time, so many phones are likely still prone to the threat ” Qualcomm warns.

If you use an Android smartphone, be aware that this risk is still hovering. The patch should probably soon be rolled out to devices from most manufacturers, so be on the lookout for the latest security patches and install them as soon as possible.

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