Another price-sensitive Dimensity chip is being made

The big winner in the mid-range could be MediaTek, which will further expand its 5G portfolio.


With real peak chips, MediaTek hasn’t come up for a while, but there is so much demand for cheaper 5G solutions that virtually the partners’ manufacturing capacity will only hold back the even greater success of Taiwanese chips, especially with the decline of Kirin chips. he really jumped. According to Counterpoint, the 5G chip may be almost the top in terms of number of units delivered by the end of the year, and from this it debuted this year. Dimensity 1100 and 1200 next to the coming soon Dimensity 900 you can also take your share.

The latter could be a continuation of the 820 predecessor, with a power increase of about 10%, and since the named ascent was already made at a bandwidth of 7 nm, consumption and warming are not expected to be too much of a problem either. Of course, the key this time will be the 5G modem, after all, fewer and fewer mid-range phones will appear in Asia without it, and if you manage to push down the price of a Dimensity 900 mobile phone, you can end up with especially good deals. THE Digital Chat Station according to him, the MT6877 chip could perform somewhere around the Snapdragon 768G with 480,000 AnTuTu points, which means multitasking and good game quality.

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