eBay allows the sale of NFT on the platform

Ebay wants to join the NFT trend. As confirmed by Jordan Sweetnam, they have updated the policy to include the sale of NFT on the platform.

Yes, the traditional buy and sell platform prepares for NFT transactions. In the initial stage, a limited system will be implemented, but they plan to extend it in the future.

eBay includes the sale of NFT on the platform

In a previous article, we told you in detail what a NFT and what it is for. And we also show you some examples of the range of possibilities that opens up for those who want to enter the NFT market, such as classic five memes that were sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And on the other hand, we have already seen that different initiatives and platforms have emerged dedicated to the creation and commercialization of NFTs. However, eBay becomes the first traditional e-commerce platform to bet on NFTs, as mentioned in Reuters.

Ebay will partner with brands, creators, and vendors to make NFT’s commercialization as broad as possible within the platform, taking into account all categories. However, at this early stage, this new eBay dynamic with NFTs will be limited:

In the short term, NFT inventory will be provided by trusted vendors who meet our high standards, in categories such as trading cards, music, entertainment, and art. […] Expect to see programs, policies and tools that will allow our audience to buy and sell NFT with greater ease and confidence, in a wider range of categories.

This will serve as a pilot test to develop a strategy to promote NFT trading on the platform, and at the same time, allow the development of tools that facilitate this type of transaction. And of course, this leads to the development of new policies at eBay that involve all the nuances of the NFTs.

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