Fortnite: DJ Khaled and Megan Fox will face each other in an epic fight

LG is ready to do anything to promote its OLED TVs, even to bring two stars together in a live Fortnite fight.

As part of a show created by LG, two celebrities will soon have to face each other on the battlefield of Fortnite. While the game is known for hosting several concerts and other esports-related events, this time around DJ Khaled and Megan Fox are going to have to fight so that the LG brand can promote its brand new crystal OLED TVs. The series is called “ Only on OLED ”And is broadcast on the LG FOMO channel, exclusive to the brand’s OLED Smart TVs. The fight between the two stars will take place this Thursday May 13 at 2 a.m. (French time).

For their fight on Fortnite, which the two celebrities seem to take very seriously, they will be coached by two members of the professional team Evil Geniuses. As a result, the fight will also be broadcast on the team’s Twitch channel, allowing more people to participate. However, LG OLED TV owners will be able to have access to « behind-the-scenes » exclusive. On the occasion of this event, LG also unveiled a rather nice trailer in which we can see DJ Khaled and Megan Fox talking about this upcoming competition.

LG wants to reach gamers

This is the second publicity stunt for LG OLED TVs that is invading the gaming world. A few weeks ago, LG had organized an operation of a completely different kind on the game Animal Crossing New Horizons. Indeed, the brand had created two islands in the effigy of its innovative televisions, which had made it possible to reach a very large audience in view of the millions of copies of the game sold around the world. That says a lot about its communication strategy and the target audience for these high-end televisions.

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