Fortnite: soon a Survival mode?

Leaks around a multiplayer survival mode have just been revealed. What can we expect from this game mode?

WhileEpic Games is still on trial against Apple, its game Fortnite just saw its 16.40 update. Some players may have noticed that in the files for this update there is information hiding about an enigmatic game mode. This is a mode called Daybreak, which is both a PVE type (man against his environment) and a sandbox type of survival mode, that is to say which is not linear. Information on this mode of play was also able to be collected thanks to the numerous court documents of the trial, which mentions Daybreak since last summer. So Epic Games has been working on this game mode for a while and keeping it in their closets.

A detailed description of the game mode has also been leaked. There she is :

“You wake up alone and unarmed on an island beach, with no memory of how you landed here. Quickly search for weapons and ammo before night falls and creatures start roaming the hills, looking for prey. Keep an eye out for other stranded people, they can be valuable allies in your struggle to stay alive on this increasingly hostile island. Along the way, look for parts that can be used to repair one of the downed helicopters that can be found near the center of the island. If you find the right parts and have enough fuel, you may be able to complete the Impossible Escape! NOTE: Players who connect with a squad will be separated. Find your friends or other players on the island and form a new squad! ”

It’s a game mode that seems to fit perfectly with this season’s theme, based on primitive instinct. Fortnite Already teeming with wild creatures of all kinds, so it would make sense if Daybreak arrived this season. In addition, it seems that the game mode resumes the crafting mechanics introduced in the current season.

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