Google extends the tests of the dark mode of its search engine on the desktop

Dark mode is a feature that a few years ago was completely non-existent and unknown, and now it is more than a requirement for those applications and web services that do not yet have it.

It serves, as we already know, to protect our eyes when we use our screens in environments that offer a fairly low level of illumination, trying to combat the visual fatigue that this situation generates.

Dark Mode is also coming to Google Searches on the desktop

In this regard, Google has been testing the new for months dark way (they call it Dark Theme) from their desktop search experience, and it seems that now it is beginning to reach more users, as revealed by social media specialist Matt Navarra from your Twitter profile.

And it is that he has found that he can already activate the dark mode in searches from the desktop. For this, a notice has been found at the top of the Google search page. announcing that the dark mode is now available, accompanying it as well as a button that allows its direct activation.

Any of us can check if we can already activate it by going to and doing a search to see if we received the same notice. If we still do not find any warning, another way we have is by accessing the search configuration options, where we would have to find a new setting called Appearance, where we can choose the dark mode.

And if we can’t find it, it is not yet available to us.

In this regard, we must take into consideration that the new dark mode is independent of the region in which we are and the language configuration that we have configured the search engine, so that no matter how hard we try, we are practically not going to get any results, just waiting for it to arrive at any time.

But the expansion of the new dark mode to more users it is evidence that this feature is closer to reaching all users, making it possible for all those who work with desktop computers in low-light settings to use it.

All that remains is that since Google are encouraged to bring their new dark mode to all users, and not only to free accounts but also to business accounts. We suppose that they will notify us when the time comes along with some data, as they are used to doing.

Image Credit: Matt Navarra

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