New Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 from Amazon, now with improved webcams

That video calls have taken a greater role in the last year as a result of the pandemic, and the consequent need for social distancing, is now reflected in the new generation of Amazon’s Echo Show devices, presented today by the company.

In this sense, the new Echo Show 5 Y Echo Show 8 They feature improved webcams, plus a children’s edition of the Echo Show 5.

Powering up video calling with Alexa

Echo Show 8

But it is in the Echo Show with 8 ″ screen where we find the most interesting news, Since in addition to housing a 13MP webcam, at the software level, it will allow it to monitor and zoom in to keep the person permanently framed on the screen, which will make video calls easier..

At the entertainment level, this device also has new augmented reality effects to make chat conversations more fun through reactions, virtual backgrounds, among other elements.

To cope with the new capabilities, Amazon says this device has a new eight-core processor. In terms of privacy, the camera has an integrated physical cover, in addition to controls for the camera and microphones, and the ability to access and delete the voice recordings themselves.

For the rest, it maintains the same design aspect, the bright eight-inch HD screen with adaptive color control, stereo speakers, and the many possibilities that Alexa offers that we know very well (management of connected devices, security center, place of entertainment, etc)

This device will continue to cost 129.99 euros and will be available in Anthracite and White color options.

Echo Show 5

Regarding the Echo Show 5, the integrated webcam goes from having 1MP to having 2MP, although it will lack the tracking capacity that we just discussed for the Echo Show 8. Otherwise, it maintains the rest of the specifications, although the camera has a physical cover, and a new color option is added more: Navy Blue, which adds to the existing Anthracite and White options.

Its price is 84.99 euros.

Regarding the children’s edition, it seems that it will not yet be available internationally. In addition, it will cost an additional $ 10 compared to the Echo Show 5, also differentiating itself by bringing a different print on the back fabric, one year of Amazon Kids Plus services and two years of warranty.

Amazon has taken advantage of the launch of the new generation of Echo Show devices by noting that they can also be turned into security systems, allowing users to remotely view the content of the integrated cameras from their respective mobile phones with the Alexa application.

And in terms of respect for the environment, he points out that they have used 100% post-consumer recycled fabric.

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