NFT: eBay passes course, and CryptoPunks snatch $ 17 million

If the online resale platform has not yet opened up to cryptocurrencies, it has just passed a milestone by authorizing the sale of NFT.

While the rest of the world has been tearing them off for a few months already, it is the turn of the giant eBay to succumb to the call of the NFTs. The company has just added a string to its bow, by authorizing the sale of non-fungible tokens on its platform. The information is not a surprise, since just a week ago, eBay CEO Jamie Iannone confirmed to CNBC his willingness “To facilitate the access of NFTs to eBay”. It is clear that integration was not long in coming.

In an article published on its blog, the company has formalized the arrival of the famous tokens. Unsurprisingly, only a few “Trusted sellers meeting high standards” will for the moment be authorized to offer this type of product. “This emerging field has reached a tipping point of credibility, trust and adoption so that the general public will now feel comfortable exchanging new forms of objects”, thus considers the company. If we do not yet know how these will be defined “Trusted sellers”, it’s a safe bet that eBay will prefer it at first play it safe, probably by limiting NFTs to companies or recognized personalities.

Even Christie’s is doing it

If eBay made the bet to embark on the NFT – even though the company does not yet accept the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, it is undoubtedly because the craze around non-fungible tokens has literally exploded in recent months. After the players of NBA, Elon Musk or even Jay-Z, everyone seems to give in to the madness of NFTs, which are sometimes snapped up at astronomical prices. The latest example, the recent auction of nine CryptoPunks portraits for nearly $ 17 million. Created in 2017 and distributed for free at the time, these pixel portraits quickly gained in value, to the point of landing in the prestigious Christie’s auction house. Last month, it’s portrait # 7804 of the series that sold out at 4,200 ETH, or over $ 9 million.

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