The first Nothing is coming in June

Carl Pei’s stand-alone brand hasn’t given the world a specific product yet, though we’ve been waiting for months now: we’re increasingly curious about what’s coming in June.


One of the founders of the OnePlus brand, now known to almost everyone, was Carl Pei, who gave his face and name to the brand’s international appearances and quickly became a well-known figure in the tech world. After about 7 years of work, he left the company there last October, but did not idle for a long time, in January he had already announced his new company, which Nothing listens to. Nothing has not introduced any products in its nearly six months of existence, but investors have been company with prominent faces behind they are still attracted to it, and in February, Nothing became Essential, as it has been so far able to flash a device also a mobile manufacturer.


By the way, Nothing may be the first to introduce a TWS headset growing market, they will most likely listen to Ear 1 in their product coming in June. Carl Pei hardly described anything specific about the product, however high-flying thoughts after it would be a disappointment to see a dozen products from them.

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