The next Huawei tablet and watch may come in June

According to Weibos sources, the MatePad Pro and Watch GT 2 Pro will get a sequel in three weeks.


For the time being, the big mobile launch of Harmony OS 2.0 is still malleable and the future of Huawei phones is P50 family including one weibós guesser in any case, he heard that in June, the Shenzhen giant would definitely unveil some products. One of the MatePad, and a MatePad Pro you can continue with fresh hardware, although there was no question about what operating system.

The Watch GT 2 Pro has advanced in appearance and material usage, the Watch 3 Pro can be changed in software [+]

On June 2, a Watch 3 and the Watch 3 Pro can also run in, leaving the GT token, the source writes, and this could also point to a Harmony OS switch, as a variant of the system developed by Huawei for wearable devices is being made. Plus, let’s not forget: some TVs have already deployed the first-generation Harmony OS. Either way, there’s very little fresh rumor about the new top mobiles yet, and the P50 isn’t mentioned on the indicated page, so its premiere may slip further.

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