TikTok is working to incorporate in-app purchases


TikTok is dabbling in e-commerce. And for that, you are preparing to implement in-app purchases.

It seems that it is already partnering with some brands to test this new dynamic. An initiative that could start in Europe.

TikTok plans to integrate in-app purchases

Implement a job offers platform It doesn’t appear to be the only initiative TikTok is testing. As mentioned in Bloomberg, TikTok is also testing the functionality of making in-app purchases.

According to the data gathered in their report, ByteDance is already in talks with clothing brands to begin their trial of in-app purchases. An interesting strategy if we consider that young people are the main audience on TikTok.

And the dynamics of TikTok, with short videos and live broadcasts, are the ideal combination for brands to go viral and reach young people in a fun way. So incorporating a shopping cart into brand profiles would be a logical step in this new TikTok strategy of betting on e-commerce.

This would follow a similar dynamic to Instagram, allowing brands to have the purchase options integrated into their profiles. So interested users can see a brand’s product catalog directly on their TikTok profiles. Images of each product being promoted, prices and options to start the purchase process without leaving the application.

At the moment, this test is only visible to participants and TikTok has not mentioned details about its launch. So we don’t know when it will be officially rolled out globally, although the Bloomberg report seems to indicate that it would begin testing in Europe.

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