Xiaomi reveals date of presentation of the next gadget you will want to buy

Xiaomi will continue to expand its portfolio of consumer products, something that will not surprise 4gnews readers. Indeed, its next product is now confirmed and will delight audio lovers and mobility enthusiasts in 2021.

Dubbed Xiaomi Noise Canceling Headphones Pro, we’re about to meet the next Bluetooth headsets true wireless from the Chinese manufacturer. They are the next bet in the audio and portability segment to be presented on May 13th.

The Xiaomi Noise Canceling Headphones Pro arrive on May 13

Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Headphones Pro
Overall look of Xiaomi Noise Canceling Headphones Pro headsets

The rapid development of Bluetooth headsets true wireless came to free us from the wires and bring much-appreciated amenities such as active noise cancellation at earbuds relatively accessible. Now, Xiaomi has a new gadget!

They haven’t been introduced yet, but we already know their name – Xiaomi Noise Canceling Headphones Pro – despite configuring the typology of earbuds and not headphones. On the other hand, we may have some surprises from the Chinese manufacturer.

Apparently there will be a new Bluetooth headset true wireless with a format similar to the AirPods Pro. Its transport and charging box was also presented on promotional posters shared by Xiaomi itself.

This is the presentation poster of the next Xiaomi gadget

Xiaomi earphones

Sporting only the name of the brand, we see here a box with a glossy to rounded finish, probably built in acrylic or high density plastic. It will be the transport box for earbuds above represented in the first image.

The price, unfortunately, escapes the range of shared information, but it could be higher than the other products in this category presented by Xiaomi until then. On the other hand, they should also be the best ones revealed by the brand.

In fact, the report points out that not only will the sound quality be considerably higher, but above all, the active noise cancellation capabilities will be better than ever. These are the two assets aimed at this future gadget.

In summary, for those looking for new headsets with active noise cancellation, we recommend waiting until the next 13th of May. There we will officially get to know this gadget for listening to music and answering phone calls.

Finally, we also have wireless charging for the headset box. To this is added the indication of a 500 mAh battery in this same box, as in the Mi Air 2 Pro.

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