Getting vaccinated in Dracula’s castle is now possible!

This is the good idea of ​​the moment: to visit Dracula’s castle and receive a first dose of vaccine! The Romanian government has set up a vaccination center in the heart of Bran Castle, which is said to have inspired Bram Stocker, the creator of the Dracula myth.

Visitors to Bran Castle, located in Transylvania (Romania) can also be injected with a dose of the Pfizer vaccine. It is the latest fashionable attraction in this highly touristy place (apart from epidemic crises, in any case), developed by the Romanian government to boost the vaccination campaign in the country.

Smart tourism

Romania has recorded more than a million cases of contamination since the outbreak of the health crisis, and has nearly 29,000 deaths. The authorities intend to vaccinate ten million Romanians by September, but almost half of them say they do not want the vaccine. It is one of the highest rates in Europe.

Bran Castle could give the vaccine campaign a little boost. During the month of May, during every weekend, anyone can come to the on-site vaccination center to get a dose of Pfizer, without an appointment. Those lucky enough to be vaccinated will also win a free place to visit the castle museum which contains 52 medieval torture instruments …

The government also hopes that this very original new service will attract tourists to this castle associated in the collective memory of Vlad the Impaler, who himself inspired the terrifying story of Dracula in Bram Stocker. Even though Vlad has surely never been there, and Dracula’s castle is located in another part of Transylvania!

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