LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack is still at its lowest

Amazon is currently offering the LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack for $ 39.90 instead of $ 59.99, which is a great savings to start building your own Super Mario levels in LEGO.

LEGO Super Mario is a range that includes an interactive figurine LEGO Mario. With the help of this figure you have to collect coins in different game levels built in bricks LEGO. This range offers an experience of the world of Super Mario like you’ve never known it before! Super Mario comes to life in the physical world LEGO.

Take advantage of the € 39.90 offer at Amazon

The Starter Pack, which is now on sale, is necessary to be able to play with the other products, because it is the only one that contains the interactive figurine LEGO Mario which collects coins in the different levels of the game, created with bricks LEGO. The range of play LEGO Super Mario brings novelty and interactivity to the traditional brick building experience LEGO.

The starter pack also includes 7 action bricks to interact in different ways with the LEGO character Mario, and will allow you to face the Goomba and Bowser Jr. consists of 231 parts, can be rearranged and combined with LEGO Super Mario expansion sets, to create more complex levels and games.

Take advantage of the € 39.90 offer at Amazon

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