Mario Kart in real life, with a lawn mower!

Being able to play Mario Kart “for real” is almost possible: Nintendo launched Mario Kart Live at the end of last year, which allows you to drive miniature karts with a good dose of augmented reality. A director approached a life-size race!

Over the years and with success, Mario Kart has become almost as popular as the Super Mario games. The Nintendo franchise, registered in the collective imagination, has its own culture and its own codes, which is not so common in the world of video games. Nintendo regularly taps the mushroom to woo fans.

Mario Kart in real life, or almost

Mario Kart is increasingly freed from Nintendo consoles. We saw it at the end of last year, with Mario Kart Live : thanks to the help of augmented reality and a miniature kart equipped with a camera (and four wheels!), it is possible to compete “for real” … as long as there is place at home.

The manufacturer went a step further with the opening of Super Nintendo World in Japan : An attraction has been built around Mario Kart, in which players can drive a kart and compete against each other to beat the other team, including shells.

Director Ian Padgham wanted to make his own Mario Kart, with the help of a drone and a lawn mower! The drone follows the pilot emeritus like the game, then the director added elements from the title in post-production. It is therefore not the “real” game, but we are not very far from it.

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