Netflix announces third part for Lupine series

Netflix has just announced the third part of its hit series Lupine, thanks to a detail hidden in its trailer. Budding investigators quickly discovered the pot aux roses.

You saw it, but you didn’t look at it. The new trailer for Lupine, which gives a preview of what the next episodes have in store, also hid a clue about the continuation of the adventures of the gentleman burglar on Netflix. Wishing to use the investigative skills of its audience, the Made in France production has hidden a web address in its trailer. At precisely 1 minute 52 in the YouTube video, on a notebook, the URL of a site is entered. If this detail could have gone unnoticed, Lupine fans did not fail to investigate. By going to the site, we discover the quote: “Assane is always one step ahead. Lupine will be back for part 3. ” The information was confirmed by the interpreter of Assane Diop, Omar Sy, on Twitter.

In 2022 on Netflix?

Unlike this second part, shot directly after the first, this new episode burst should not land on our screens right away. If Netflix has not yet given a release date, we can expect to find the gentleman burglar in 2022. On the other hand, we will wait for the official announcements of Netflix to be clear about it.

For the moment, Netflix focuses on the promotional campaign for this second part. It will be available from June 11th. On the plot side, the noose tightens around Assane who will once again have to use his qualities as a master of disguise to save his son from the hands of Pellegrini. Police officer Youssef Guedira and his team will they finally succeed in capturing him? Nothing is less sure, Lupine has more than one trick up his sleeve.

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