OneDrive on Android now lets you cast content to Chromecast


Microsoft is updating OneDrive on Android adding support for Chromecast.

Yes, users will be able to send content directly from the app to any Chromecast and other compatible devices.

OneDrive adds support for Chromecast

The latest version of OneDrive for Android It adds compatibility with Chromecast, so users will notice that this icon is added in the toolbox in different sections of the app.

And the dynamics is very simple. You only need to choose the video or photo within OneDrive and select the Chromecast icon to bring up the menu with all compatible devices. Once the content starts to play on the device you have chosen, you will see that the app automatically shows a window with a basic playback control. So you can stop or play the content, lower or raise the volume, etc.

So without complications you can see the photos you have stored in OneDrive or play a video without problems on the TV. Of course, this is always content that can be played on OneDrive natively, and that does not require third-party apps to open or play the files.

OneDrive on Android has received a lot of interesting changes in recent months. From change in the interface of the main page, support for video with 8K resolution without downloading it to compatibility with Samsung Motion Photos.

And now with this new update, Microsoft continues to enhance the dynamics of OneDrive so that users can enjoy the multimedia content they save in the cloud anywhere and on any device. To test this new feature, you only need to update to version 6.29.1 of OneDrive on Android. So if you haven’t received this update yet, check out Google Play to see if it’s pending for download.

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