QuakeCon 2021: Online Event Dates Revealed

QuakeCon is no exception to the rule of virtual events, and may be impacted by the takeover of ZeniMax Media by Microsoft.

We know the music. Since the beginning of the year, many geek events have successively canceled their physical presentations to offer fans online meetings. Today is the turn of the QuakeCon, event organized by ID Software, a must-see for fans of corporate games. This year, the show will take place digitally from August 19 to 21, 2021. As with all other online events, it should be completely free and open to everyone.

In June, the organizers will give more information about the upcoming event and its programming. On the program, we can expect not only news from ID Software games but also from all studios belonging to ZeniMax Media, which Microsoft bought in early 2021, such as Bethesda or ZeniMax Umbrella. In addition, this year will mark the first edition of QuakeCon with ZeniMax Media as Microsoft’s first-party studio, which could impact the program of the event. All original franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, DOOM, Wolfenstein, or Dishonored now belong to Microsoft.

While waiting to find out what awaits us for this event online, we invite you to keep your eyes open for news about it. In addition, the first digital events related to video games will soon be able to start, notably with theE3 from June 12th. Its program should soon be unveiled by ESA, when the list of participants will be officially complete.

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