Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: what awaits us on June 11?

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is coming out on PS5 soon. We invite you to discover the latest information on the game in this file.

The latest title in the franchise Ratchet & Clank, Rift Apart, will be released in less than a month. If the game is revealed as the State of Play and other gameplay videos progress, there is still a lot to be done before the title is released on PS5. On this occasion, we were able to spend a little friendly moment with the game developers, who shared their experience and their intentions for the game. On our side, we updated you on all the new features brought by Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart as well as all the information known to date.

A gameplay rich in the features of the PS5

It is no surprise to anyone that Rift Apart is the second PS5 exclusive to be released since the launch of the console, the first being Returnal. So it seems obvious that the developers have focused on everything that the console and its possibilities have brought to the franchise that is several years old. These improvements are found in all areas, both in terms of animations, the open world, through audio prowess.

First of all, we have already been able to see the world, or rather the worlds, of Rift Apart in action. These are colorful, lively and above all very dense. Mike Fitzgerald, CTO, explained that the PS5 had transformed the way developers could design a game since they could include a lot more objects at a time, and a lot more animations as well. An advancement made possible thanks to the ultra-fast loading time which makes it possible to enrich the environments without sacrificing the performance of the game.

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The super-fast SSD also allows charging any universe almost instantly. A great promise from the developers which would allow a flawless immersion for the players. It was this feature in particular that inspired developers to play with the dimension shifting process. It’s a safe bet that this project would not have ended in the same way on a console offering less performance. The game also runs at 30 fps by default and 60 fps in performance mode, which is more than enough to enjoy the game according to Mike Daly, game director.

Regarding the sound, which is an important part of the gameplay, Daniel Birczynski, manager of the audio part, said that it was “ by far the most significant leap in audio “. Indeed, the 3D audio not only allows to have an optimal immersion, but also makes it possible to confer a sense of height and a precise localization of the objects to the players.

The arsenal and the action of combat

We can obviously not talk about Ratchet & Clank not to mention the action side of the franchise. If Marcus Smith, Creative Director, did well to recall that the most recent opus of Ratchet & Clank wanted to be more introspective, Rift Apart will keep all the action part that characterizes the first games released on PS2. The fights have also been redesigned and reworked to give a feeling of ultimate maneuverability to all players, whether they are old amateurs or newcomers. The PlayStation 5 was also a real “game changer” for developers, especially with regard to the arsenal. Presented in the form of a roulette wheel, it will now be very easy to change weapons and make the most of their respective skills. This seems to give a real dimension to the fights, which seem more fluid.

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The weapons available are six in number for the moment:

  • Shatterbomb : grenade launcher glove
  • Ricochet : pistol inspired by a pinball, with a ball that ricochets on enemies
  • Negatron Collider : pistol projecting a laser beam crossing
  • Burst Pistol : single pistol
  • Enforcer : double barrel pistol
  • Topiary Sprinkler : glove that allows you to transform your enemies into vegetation

The developers have shared their impressions of the DualSense, which appears to have been created for the game. Adaptive triggers will give you the ability to use your weapons in a number of ways. If we take the example of the weapon “The Enforcer”, it fires with a single barrel by pressing lightly on the trigger, and with two barrels but more slowly by pressing harder. The controller therefore gives a versatile side that can be found on some of the weapons, reinforcing the strategic side of the fighting.

Rivet, Ratchet’s female alter ego

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Another of the main novelties of the title Rift Apart is the integration of a new character by the name of Rivet which is particularly close to the hearts of Lindsay Tompson, lead cinematic host, and Lauren Mee, lead author. We saw it in particular during the gameplay video of the last State of Play. She is a female Lombax, without much connection with Ratchet except that she plays a primordial role in the duality that opposes and brings them together. The heroine will thus occupy a central role in the adventure Rift Apart.

She was created with a lot of expectations, especially in terms of her personality. The developers wanted to make an image of her quirky, shy, loyal, with a strong head but never gloomy or cruel. As a resistance warrior, she exhibits characteristics predisposed to combat. Rivet was therefore thought of as a main character, and not figurative or secondary, with a deep personality and real assets to bring to the franchise.

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Regarding her physique, she wears a rather marked distinctive sign, namely a steel arm. She also has a special hammer that serves as her weapon. When asked if Rivet was created to dismantle the idea of ​​a certain validism in the video game, the developers replied that all of the characters in Ratchet & Clank are by definition heroes that no one expects. They all have a profile that does not necessarily predispose them as heroes, and yet they always manage to achieve their goals.

A more assertive narrative and musical richness

Finally, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart will have a more marked and worked identity than the previous opus, in particular thanks to the process of change of dimension. Each planet and each dimension depicted will have an atmosphere of its own, which is differentiated not only by its inhabitants and visual characteristics, but also by its musical atmosphere. Marcus Smith also clarified that the goal was to offer players a truly unique experience and the feeling of truly visiting the planets. The composer, Mark Mothersbaugh, was thus able to draw inspiration from road traffic, as from the idea of ​​a ” delicious breakfast », Or even dreams, good and bad, to give a marked identity to each place visited by the heroes.

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By having been able to attend an exclusive gameplay video, we could also see that the visual identity borrowed a lot from the seventh art, as the transitions between the cutscenes and the gameplay were harmonious. Ratchet & Clank looks more like an interactive animated film than a traditional video game. Lindsay Thompson has also revealed that, while the game is often compared to the movies Disney Pixar, it is surely because these are both ” an inspiration and an aspiration “Before adding that” great story shouldn’t be just about words ».

Indeed, the narration of a video game depends above all on the credibility of its characters, especially with regard to their emotions. If we know that Rivet received special attention from the animation teams, this is also the case for other characters, including Ratchet. The teams worked to give it more realism with a fur that reacts to the wind, but also ” more emotions, more charm ».

Where to pre-order Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart?

If the game will not be released until June 11, it is already available for pre-order on many sites. Do not hesitate to visit them to pre-order the game at the best price and thus take advantage of the pre-order bonus offered by resellers.

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