Rumors of the Huawei P50 reappeared

The peak edition is made with a special camera set, about which you can hear more and more.


It is not yet clear when the P50 family, the industry is waiting for one in addition to the 6.3 “basic model Pro and one Pro+ Sony’s gigantic 1 “IMX800 sensor for the main camera may be common. A previously leaked pair renderkép also, showing two huge dials on the back of the P50 Pro, within which several components can take up space. Taking a closer look Topics fresh render images provide basic lens information such as a focal length of 13 to 90 mm or the remaining Leica partnership.

On the one hand, 13mm could mean an ultra-wide camera with a wider field of view than usual, while 90mm could mean 3x or similar optical zoom measured on the main camera, which would have been surprising after the 5x and 10x counterparts. According to the theme, however, the zoom unit may be able to change the focal length, in Hungarian to the optical zoom, and I would add that with a clever sensor zoom, good quality hybrid zoom is also available. There will be no complaints about the cameras, but it is questionable where Huawei will get enough chips for the series, and what the Harmony OS will be like for the poisonous mobile family, when the P50 is finally announced.

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