Samsung watches will have Google’s operating system

Samsung smart watches currently have the company’s own operating system, Tizen, so there is no access to the Google application store or many applications that other smartwatches may have on the market.

Apparently Samsung has not convinced programmers to increase the number of applications compatible with Tizen, and that has caused a new agreement with Google: Wear OS in the next Samsung smartwatches.

Although at the moment it is not an official news (Samsung has not commented), the Korean media MT.CO states that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 will opt for Google’s Wear OS, thus expanding the agreement that both companies have when it comes to putting Chrome OS on Samsung laptops.

This desired support for Tizen to evolve does not occur even in South Korea, where there are applications, such as Kakao Talk, widely used in the region, that cannot even be installed on a Tizen.

Google could thus see the opportunity to boost the Wear OS environment, reaching more, better-known manufacturers, and allowing it to lead an increasingly tasty market.

And 9to5GoogleFurthermore, they indicate that Samsung is already collaborating with Google creating Fuchsia OS, which is supposed to be the future in connected devices.

This may sound like good news to the consumer, as developers will be able to focus on fewer operating systems to create better experiences. The problem is that in the long term it is possible that we will see, once again, how limited options can end up being a problem for the business models of application creators, who will have to accept the conditions, often extreme, to be able to monetize your projects.

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