There is finally a calculator for Switch!

The Switch is truly, first and foremost, a game console. Understand: it is used to play! Of course, this is its basic function and in view of its success, that is more than enough for Nintendo’s happiness. But occasionally, it could also be used for something else: recently, the console is also … a calculator.

Apart from video games, the Switch does not have much to offer unlike competing devices on which you can watch Netflix content or listen to your favorite songs on Spotify. Fortunately, the games available on the Nintendo console are addicting enough that you don’t want to do anything else with them …

A scientific calculator for $ 10

Still, some Switch owners wish they could use it for things as simple as doing calculations! At least that’s what Sabec, the editor of Calculator, a scientific calculator for the console, sold for $ 10 anyway. The interface of the application is strongly reminiscent of that of the old calculator of the iPhone, which itself was very much inspired by the design of the calculator imagined by Dieter Rams.

This Switch calculator is optimized for both console screen as well as TV. If ever the need for an operation was too pressing between two parts ofAnimal CrossingCalculator is very simple and only does what the app was designed to do. Unfortunately, there is no built-in “game mode”!

Gaming department, the next big release expected for the Switch is the HD remake for Skyward Sword, which will be available in July. All those who are impatiently awaiting the second part of Breath of the Wild will still have to take their troubles patiently, Nintendo should give news later this year.

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