TikTok now allows duets with the green screen filter

TikTok It is a social network in trend and from ByteDance, its parent company, they know it. For this reason, we are often receiving news directly related to your app or something else related to the social network itself.

The latest novelty of this platform is related to duos, the dynamic that allows a pre-existing clip to be broadcast again on the social network, in the company of another video added by the user who creates the new publication.

Until very recently, the only options offered by TikTok for its celebrities duets they were the creation of different types of mosaic, dividing the screen between one video and another.


#duet with @amberylee77 fastest cashier in all the land 🤣🤣 #fyp #foryou #funny #pugsoftiktok

♬ Cashier Challenge – Amber

This chromatic key filter, as it is formally called, was already present on TikTok before, but only for the creation of original content. Through this mechanism, many content creators on the platform have brought their clips to life, removing the original background and replacing it with images from the mobile gallery.


lmk if you did any of these things!! #summer #beautyguru #foryoupage #tiktok #viral #greenscreen

♬ summer 19 check – katie wakefield

Green screen filter can now be used on TikTok duets

Combining the best of both functions, quite massive within TikTok, it is now possible to use the chromatic key filter (green screen) in the duets of this popular social network for its viral content.

With the latest update, this dynamic is maintained, but a new modality is integrated, literally called “green screen”.

Green screen duo TikTok

Source: TikTok

To create a duo under this modality, the traditional dynamics is preserved. When viewing the chosen clip, the authoring tool will appear among the sharing options. There, all you have to do is select the aforementioned “green screen” option to start recording a video using another publication as the background.


#duet with @therealmatthoran

♬ original sound – Andrew

As in any content creation environment, the emergence of new tools opens up possibilities that, with creativity, can be fully exploited.

For example, outside of playful content, this new modality can facilitate the insertion of a sign language interpretation of the content presented.


#duet with @themikeandmoshow I just had to add to this!! #greenscreen #funnyduet

♬ original sound – Marcus DiPaola

TikTok’s audiovisual tools are really versatile, comfortable to use and above all, powerful for creating content. To the one billion videos that this platform currently boasts, new creations supported by this tool will surely be added en masse.

Outside of this presumption, we can measure the impact of this new function whether we are TikTok users or not, as it is increasingly common to find the content of this platform circulating on other massively used social networks.

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