Traverse, to better memorize what we study

Many times we have to study large amounts of text, and it becomes difficult to memorize everything without proper technique.

For this, there are many resources that can help with the subject, such as the memory cards, for example. Today we will talk about the one offered by the Traverse website.

It is a website available at where we can create a course and divide it by lessons. We will copy the text of the different chapters, grouping it by course, lessons and chapters. Each section will have the desired text that we will copy from the original source.

When we have the lesson stored in our Traverse profile, it is time to create questions in each chapter created. We can put questions and answers for each text that we have pasted, it is even possible to select a word so that we can play the game of “what word is missing in this text.” Once we have dozens of questions with their respective answers in the chapters of all the lessons, we can activate a game to memorize everything.

The game is based on showing the questions randomly and guessing the answers. If we guess 100%, we will click on the green face, otherwise, the red one, although there are several levels of “accuracy”. In this way, the application will show us what we have guessed over and over again, until we have everything perfectly internalized.

It is like a memory card game, but based on the lessons that we have previously pasted on the platform.

The application is free for a course with a sitemap, being possible to include as many questions and answers as we want.

Traverse method

It is based on a system of three factors:

– Understand: Organize your study notes visually as a tree of knowledge, so you can understand the fundamental principles (Elon Musk approach).

– Memorize: Ask yourself questions about the material and then review those questions at the optimal time (just when you are about to forget it).

– Apply: Knowledge is now available for your brain to use, so you can apply it in real life and form creative connections.

A good idea that can help many people.

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