Amazon has banned products from some popular brands on its website

Anyone who makes recurring purchases on Amazon knows brands like Aukey. Now, apparently, this and other popular Chinese brands seem to have been banned from the platform.

Brands like Mpow or Aukey no longer appear in Amazon searches

According to the South China Morning Post, products from Aukey or Mpow have stopped appearing in online commerce giant searches. This absence also extends to the Spanish subsidiary.

A search for “Aukey” on Amazon Spain does not provide results for the brand
A search for “Aukey” on Amazon Spain does not provide results for the brand

As the source suggests, these brands will have been blocked from Amazon for “suspicious behavior”. At stake will be questionable business practices on the platform.

These manufacturers migrated to Amazon several years ago in order to expand globally. But they have brought with them practices that, while common in China, are viewed with a bad eye globally.

This includes inventing false positive evaluations, thus making products stand out in a more prominent position. In this way, brand recognition and sales are increased. This may be a way for Amazon to show that it does not approve of such behaviors.

This action from Amazon comes shortly after a report by SafetyDetectives. This security team will have discovered messages from Amazon suppliers asking for positive reviews in exchange for free products.

It now remains to be seen whether Amazon will stop here, or take measures of greater proportions.

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