Belkin AirPlay2 Adapter hits the market in June 2021!

In February I reported that Belkin was releasing an adapter that could provide Airplay2 capability for non-smart devices. The adapter is called “Belkin Soundform Connect”.

Belkin Soundform Connect: What is it?

Belkin is known for providing practical accessories for Apple products. The idea is quite simple – the Belkin Soundform Connect is an adapter with which you can, for example, convert your normal stereo system into an Airplay2-enabled device. Or to put it more simply: You can operate your non-smart system with the iPhone or iPad. Super practical!

In February I already mentioned that the Soundform Connect should cost around € 100. A price of € 99.99 appears in various online shops. The Soundform Connect has a reset button, USB-C for the power supply, a 3.5 mm jack connection and a digital optical audio out connection. Many old stereos are very good and have good quality sound. So why get rid of the old system when you can simply expand it with AirPlay2? The Belkin Soundform Connect is likely to be available in mid-June. In the end, of course, you have to decide whether such an extension makes sense for you. With AirPlay2 you also have the option of using your sound system with the HomePod as a multi-room speaker.

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