Destiny 2: cross-play available a few months in advance

It’s a bit of Christmas before its time for Destiny 2 players since cross-play was not expected until fall 2021.

Destiny 2, a massively multiplayer role-playing game, has never been more multiplayer than it is today. Indeed, before a recent update, Destiny 2 did not have the capacity to bring together all players from different platforms, even though it is available on PC and multiple consoles. However, Bungie has just activated support for the cross-play on the game, allowing anyone to play with any other player, regardless of the platform!

Good news or just a mistake?

When it was released, it was not known whether this cross-play activation was accidental or voluntary, since no announcement had been made by Bungie or byActivision. In addition, this update was not expected until this fall. What caught the attention of gamers is the appearance on Stadia game servers of players with usernames that do not comply with the rules of Google’s cloud gaming service. Additionally, they could have seen their friends playing on other platforms such as Steam or GeForce Now from Nvidia.

However, a few bugs were encountered. Some features are missing such as cross-platform invitations. We can therefore ask ourselves the question of the legitimacy of the functionality as well as its voluntary implementation. We could also consider this to be a beta version of the feature, available only for testing on certain platforms.

Subsequently, and because of the many reactions from the players, Bungie confirmed that it was indeed a mistake on their part. The functionality will be removed in a hotfix this week. Too bad for all the players, they will have to wait until this fall as planned to be able to enjoy cross-play.

Enjoy Destiny 2 for € 9.99

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