Google Pixel 6: this is what it should look like (and it’s daring)

The first 3D renderings of the Google Pixel 6 burst onto the web and reveal a very atypical look.

After several smartphones deemed a little too simplistic by some, Google could come back strong with its Pixel 6 et Pixel 6 Pro. Jon Prosser, famous leaker who does not always aim right, claims to know the design of the future flagship of Google. He shares a few renderings based, he says, on a trusted source. We’ll let you get an idea.

If it is still necessary to take these renderings with the usual tweezers, it is clear that Google would seek there to take a completely different direction in terms of design. While the Californian manufacturer has always focused on sobriety, the Pixel 6 could opt for a much more divisive look. At the front, we would find a borderless screen with a punch to accommodate the front camera, and, probably, a fingerprint sensor integrated into the panel, a first on a Pixel.

But it is especially at the rear that the change should jump to the eyes, if we are to believe these renderings. Google would thus opt for a large photo block that would extend on either side of the back of the smartphone. This block would include two sensors on the Pixel 6, and three on the Pixel 6 Pro.

Moreover, if we are not talking about Pixel 6 XL, it is also because Jon Prosser explains that Google has decided to abandon the denominational « XL » to go to « Pro ». It would be more or less the same since the two smartphones should simply offer two different screen sizes.

Logically, these new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro should land this fall. In addition, this time they would be accompanied by a first Pixel smartwatch, which could be presented shortly.

Google Pixel 6 et Pixel Watch
Credits: Front Page Tech / Youtube

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