Google will change the way you share web pages from Chrome

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Google wants to make the process of sharing web pages from Chrome a lot easier. And for this, it will add a new option in the browser’s omnibox bar with a drop-down menu.

The idea is that users have in one place the shortcuts to all available options for sharing in the browser.

Chrome will add a new menu to share links

As mentioned in Android Central, Chrome will unify all the options for “Sharing” in a new menu that we will find in the omnibox bar. An option that can already be enabled in the latest Canary version of Chrome from the experimental functions.

As you can see in the image above, just by clicking on “+” we will have this menu with the different options to share the web page that we are currently viewing. From the option of copying the link, saving the web page on the computer, creating a QR code to sending it to a compatible device. Yes, all the options available in the browser to share the page with other users, transmit it on other devices or simply save it on our computer.

So you will have all the options, which so far are distributed in different sections of the browser, in one place. At the moment, this new menu is not available in the stable version of Chrome. So if you want to try it, you will have to enable it in the Canary version.

To do this, go to chrome: // flags and search for “Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox”, enable the function and restart the web browser. You will see that “+” is added in the omnibox bar so that you have the options to share from any web page. A simple and practical dynamic.

Google has not mentioned when we will have this dynamic in the stable version of Chrome, but it still has several weeks of testing the function until it moves to the next beta channel.

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