IKEA Styrbar remote control in stainless steel design launched in Germany

We have already reported on the IKEA Styrbar remote control. It first appeared in 2020 at the FCC, then in March of this year in the IKEA APP. Now the remote control has been officially released in Germany. With the Styrbar remote control you can control up to 10 IKEA lamps.

IKEA Smart Home – Styrbar remote control stainless steel

It was announced quite a while ago that Ikea is planning a new remote control for its Tradfri Smart Home System. With splash protection, this should be particularly suitable for rooms such as the kitchen.

The Styrbar remote control is offered individually and also in a set with lamps. If you buy the remote control as a set with a lamp, then these two are already paired with each other. The Ikea Styrbar is operated with two AAA batteries.

The remote control is now officially available in all branches and in the online shop. Up to 10 lamps from the Ikea Smarthome can be controlled with it. No matter whether switching between warm and cold light, dimming or just switching it on and off.

In terms of appearance, it should probably fit best in a kitchen. The front of the remote control is made of stainless steel, the back is made of ABS plastic. The Ikea Styrbar costs 10 euros individually.

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