Microsoft brings testing of Dolby Vision support to more Xbox Series X / S users

Today is a very important day for users of Xbox Series X / S consoles, since Microsoft is expanding the test of support for Dolby Vision technology to more members of the Xbox community, although for now it will be in the hands of those. that are part of the “alpha ring” of the Insider program to be able to activate it and enjoy it on compatible televisions.

With this step, more users can get a Enhanced gaming experience Thanks to this feature, although from Microsoft they point out that it is possible that some users with televisions compatible with Dolby Vision may need to update them with the latest firmware to get the most out of it.

To improve the levels of image detail in games

In any case, according to Microsoft, «Dolby Vision delivers more vibrant colors, sharper contrast, and reflections up to 40 times brighter for gaming. “ The idea is that the company can collect more comments before proceeding to its final launch, hoping that this moment can come soon, although the company is committed to its official launch at any time this year.

It was during this past March that some users of the Alpha ring of the Insider program noticed that some game titles had Dolby Vision enabled, such as Borderlands 3, Gears 5 and Halo: Master Chief Collection.

With the step taken now comes the promise of what Microsoft He also agrees to share shortly, indicating that the official arrival may be closer than you might expect.

In its favor is that its direct rival, Playstation 5, does not have support for this technology, so Microsoft wants to take more advantage of it.

The Forbes publication has already checked the image enhancements offered by the integration of technology Dolby Vision, indicating that it improves the levels of “brightness, black and saturation of games”, Although it highlights that at the moment it works to use a refresh rate of 60Hz, although they believe that soon it will also be possible to enjoy this technology at a higher refresh rate.

There is no doubt that Microsoft will not rest for a single moment, trying to find all the possible improvements that can bring users of its desktop consoles, expanding features and capabilities where possible, trying to offer a higher level experience in front of their rivals.

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