Mobile plan: don’t break the bank anymore, here’s how to divide your bill by 3

Tired of paying too much for a mobile plan that doesn’t suit you?

In this special Ascension long weekend, telecom operators are showing their white paws. If you want to change your mobile plan and save (huge) money on your bill, there are three possibilities. The first is that of Prixtel, an MVNO which relies on the Orange and SFR network. From a value for money point of view, it is the only one to offer so much data (20 GB) for less than 5 euros per month.

See the Prixtel offer

Just behind this exemplary mobile plan, we find RED by SFR and B & You. These two emblematic non-binding operators are content, however, with a 5 GB offer at 5 euros per month. In other words, Prixtel is far ahead with 20 GB that you can use on the Orange network. That said, in all 3 cases, it is a very good offer.

Prixtel, the best mobile plan

Prixtel is an outsider in the mobile plan market, it offers very different offers from those of its competitors. Indeed, this operator puts forward formulas whose price can change each month according to the user’s mobile data consumption. This avoids the subscription which includes too much data for a fixed price even if the use of Internet GB remains low.

Prixtel’s first mobile plan is called “Le petit”. It is not only the best mobile plan on the market, but it is also the reference for all subscriptions less than 5 euros per month. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited. It is the volume of mobile data used every month that will influence the price as follows:

It’s simple, 20 GB of data or less costs less than 5 euros per month with this mobile plan. In case you use 19 GB the first month, the bill will be 4.99 euros. If you upgrade to 27 GB the following month, the price will drop to 7.99 euros. The same goes for the entire period you stay with the operator.

This mobile plan may also seem a little limited to some, so much so that Prixtel offers two other offers: “The big one” and “The giant”. For “Le grand”, the levels are 0 to 40 GB, 40 to 60 GB and 60 to 80 GB for associated prices of 7.99, 10.99 euros and 12.99 euros. For its part, “The giant” goes even further with levels of 0 to 100 GB, 100 to 150 GB and 150 to 200 GB, the respective prices are 12.99, 17.99 and 22.99 euros.

All these offers are non-binding, the prices displayed are guaranteed for the entire first year. The details of the offers are displayed transparently on the Prixtel site. Clearly, for this long weekend, it’s our favorite by far. RED by SFR and B & You, which had similar offers last weekend, put an end to it: Prixtel is therefore the only one to stand out.

See the Prixtel offer

RED by SFR, another inexpensive package

RED by SFR has just ended the Best-Of RED, but the mobile plan is still in the spotlight with the operator. There are still top-notch offers this weekend thanks to this short extension. On the other hand, we should not wait too long, because these promotions end on May 17 at midnight.

RED by SFR’s first mobile plan is the most competitive. It is a surprise to see that the operator continues to put this formula in the spotlight, it only reappears very rarely since its release. The price is 5 euros per month only for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 5 GB of data. If you don’t use a lot of mobile data, you might as well be getting a great deal.

To find out more about this mobile plan at RED by SFR, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR offer

If this mobile plan is very aggressive in terms of price, it may lack a bit of data for some users. As a result, RED by SFR highlights three other offers that ensure you don’t miss out, the price varies by a few euros per month depending on the volume of mobile data.

The mobile plan that offers the best value for money in the range is at 19 euros per month (instead of 25 euros) for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 130 GB of data including 15 GB from the EU and the DOM. It has the merit of offering a large number of GB of Internet for an excellent price per month, you can also take advantage of a 5G version.

If you spend more or less on data each month, the other two RED by SFR mobile plans should satisfy you. You can choose between 60 and 100 GB of data for respective prices of 12 euros and 14 euros per month. In both cases, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited, their consumption does not influence the bill.

B & You, the inexpensive mobile plan

B & You is also making a name for itself in the mobile plan market. It directly competes with RED by SFR, so their offers can sometimes be similar. Once again, promotions from this operator end on May 17th.

This weekend, B & You is highlighting a mobile plan at Only 4.99 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 5 GB of data (from France, the EU or the DOM). It is the most affordable of the operator’s range of offers, it has the advantage of not limiting calls or messages while offering a good amount of data for a mini price.

To see this mobile plan at B & You, it’s here:

See the B & You offer

In addition to this mobile plan, B & You puts forward a perfect offer for those who want a good compromise between price and volume of data. It comes back to Only 13.99 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100 GB of data (in France, EU or DOM).

B & You’s range of mobile plans also includes two other non-binding subscriptions this weekend. We find a formula with 60 GB of data (including 10 GB from the EU and the DOM) for 11.99 euros per month, while the second offer has 140 GB of data (including 15 GB from the EU and the DOM ) for 19.99 euros per month.

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